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How Life Insurance Works

I think that there's nothing more boring than attending an insurance conference on a Tuesday night who sell insurance relief call complicated medical model financial aid it's right there more people who are willing to give him ten bucks each to cover their phone 100 people who have their phone and Jim pays $100 as compensation still has nine hundred bucks the insurance ID insurance the idea of March insurance broker normally take the largest proportion of the wrist and sign his name first decisions when it comes to negotiating insurance works modern-day project by the time you are going to know more than the average life insurance agent there are two types of there is permanent insurance types of term insurance as well there is one year and there is level premium term insurance and you'll understand what why you wouldn't want to buy or stay away from car insurance and what it looks like is you have a day if you buy 20 years ago also has something that we read about universal life insurance new insurance west it has Shore Savings elements that provide access to and this is how it looks you have it. If you want to buy in this year at I next year you want to come over you know it's not doing so well are you want to use the money elsewhere you can just pay a little tiny bit return back to the Cash Cab cap rates inside the policy are you awesome what's the money comes back now what happens with these insurance policies what's the cash guns that actually grows more like star-Crossed and when it does that look like well I'm going to start going down and you have your flexible premium every year you have to make the payments or 17 years old 7th settlement at 4:55 next year though and this is why he was concerned still have a fun value with 0 17 years older now she goes to apply for a new policy she wanted this coverage for his kids we went to underwriting we tried to get him a policy my insurance premium 0 I said money in a cash account if the money Runs Out and the article takes this the wrong way but your mother really needs to die what's the weather options when you purchase universal life insurance contacting me Insurance Company exchange there Universal there's the question why do people sell these kinds of products if there how much does unlike when you sell a already purchased when you purchase a home when you buy a policy and they put it directly what they use to help shut up program I have something to show you would like to see that universal life where is this from someone is from one of our clients sEPTA trucks anthem are all the places that I've marked with things that they can do to change your policy or fees they can do after you purchase a policy things I can do to change it change this is not an application this is just the policy would you want to read this funplex best Picture This Will highlight its a writer if you exercise the writer which one or they can change on you or the one with just the one change whole life insurance and when I say in Dallas that means either a 100 or a base definition for something this is Bernie. Braces insurance there's something also and they share it with all of their as a policy owner participating things you can participate and when you are participating calling dividends they'll give it to you and the dissidents purchase make sense because it's going to be james what say you and I are twins we're Twins were both have to be at the same rate stop just going to time comes around ownership in the company there's another kind of types of things stream hiking skydiving call the insurance ratings are determined and they're based on a large group of people Texas we have a rate chart america and they look at those charts and they assess their house and they measure it to what it has the guidelines for the law of large numbers what they got from that big even if this gentleman was jealous and the average American years down the road find something to change with our health and so how great is that it was super preferred now she's staying and we are rodents and that's what we agreed upon so this is a true story just one applies to our office when he gets is approved super prefer a few years later he says you know I think I'm ready for I've been saving my money and I've been. I've been worried pillow standard what about because he qualified because he had that million-dollar life insurance this policy in the meanwhile he has a chance to work on his house a little bit the question how much insurance about how much you make shirley ages based on your age or your age groups of your aha 41% 1561 if you're over 70 because of the major special and we will do it I've noticed it if we buy huh recipe about 13,000 but if we buy it on the 10-year-old can you pay a premium children what's premium dollars children's insurance is based on how much their parents have if you don't have it Insurance there's no way they're going to let you have I don't have an insurance don't have any insurance on there when did the safety brief talk about the oxygen mask yourself for buying on your children what happens if you purchase a policy for your child and something happens to you what happens if you pee on yourself money to make from your payments there's a couple other options that you can do there's also something called a family plan which allows you as a parent's to purchase a policy and also add as a writer onto the policy so you can so now minor children under 18 I'll have to show the birth certificate and this is cool because it's like and now insurance on their life even though they are uninsurable so what we like to do we like to give them as many options as are available we don't ever want to set them down this straight Talk many options on the table as possible so that you know thank you very much

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