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How To Open An Insurance Sales Call [Cold Calls, Cold Canvassing

This is David insurance sales calls anybody that sells any kind of
 insurance or perhaps approach people on a non referral putting this video together because one of the most common what is difficult for a lot of people opening a sales call in a way in which differentiates you from your ear to the directions and guidelines break the setup and what you promised your client face to face it doesn't matter what you sell and here's how the script goes and picks up and by the way this can be done in residential or business called canvassing you get transfer to the business owner or the person picks up yourself as Falls hey this is Dave. This is a sale you don't know me but what I was hoping to do is call to see if I could take 3 seconds to show you and tell you what I do and then let you decide at the end if this is something you want to continue now this opening what this opening does is it away from this particular and I do know me I don't know you but the reason I call to see if I can take just three seconds to tell you to help you and then let you decide if you'd like to continue from there really disarming straightforward approach you're not there to harass them so anytime you can use as residential sales approach for sales call no you don't know me but I'm just stopping by to see if I could take 30 seconds of your time and you'll get a lot of perception for people because they have to get somebody hang up because you don't want to break that catching a person is going to be more inclined to listen to you fully it when they say yes what will happen and you have an honest conversation insurance agent that sells premises or face-to-face with a just go ahead and craft an opening statement about what you do why it matters to the and the thing or a future appointment with an alternative time close my name is David life insurance agent quality life insurance benefits of life insurance supplemental coverage you have time now that have an alternative close their later as in tomorrow or another day I'm the reason why are there in a benefit I'm here because I helped employers get quality employee benefits for their employees at without show you exactly what I do later would be okay if you say this over the phone. So it's helping senior citizens fine quality final expense like to spend 10 minutes with you in person to show you how my benefit you Tuesday at 2 I'm not in Highgrove or driving I'm taking time to explain again who I am and what's great about this engagement with you in an honest manner because they feel no qualms about the normal apprehension with the owner for sale what this. Stoners all have to sell something so they appreciate people the way you start your conversation like that enjoy the training video what is Excel business-to-consumer on the way transition and see what it is that you do Iran language gas station what's going on you know develop a pipeline that way but you didn't you're getting good information because of how you open the sales call Appalachian of 13 different insurance agents across the country in different types of insurance Ashley business. Business-to-business define acid their career the top 10% 5 in 1% workout for you to check it out you can go to Amazon for my name is David Duford you'll see me ever used book as well as my final expense book as well. Com I am bored at final expense agent training for the insurance agent

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