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How To Sell $10,000 Weekly In The Life Insurance Business

And that is the topic of today's video we were doing a deep. Call the pages all about raising insurance production we're going to break down even further what kind of ratios you need to track an order to hit I'll produce to that level that you need to in this case is that you may or may not agree with drivers, president Donald Trump is correct and Advising anybody lights the song Life Insurance if I put my mind to it if not to get discouraged or are are creative Jackson to this concept need to be open-minded and while it may be difficult from the outside break it down yes I transition you over to my I just go ahead and spell this out so you can see where I stand places in / we also want to know what your average lapse rate is so let's say our last rate and final expense every presentation I do I close half of them westerre is your presentation to weed ratio that means let's stay out of do you like it I got this may change very position to where you don't buy leads but let's just for the sake of argument here understand whatever it takes. In this case for magic numbers in this is really are going this point as to pay our numbers and you can basis numbers Navy on sale presentation but now that we have this number let's go take this a step further you are currently working continue in amount of $600 $600 of Premium vibe at $3,000 lapse rate of .15 s450 so what is it right now $500 premium in order to ascertain this production goal we have to make sure that we were able to sustain this kind of production right so you know probably business not taking the fact about an appointment setting you may not be oppressive that day if we were supposed to get a scale the process so that you can realize generations so what I do now. What store are Dockers ultimately that you realize like fire start selling large policy let's take a look at here to identify what you actually have to do in order to hit 25 or 2 to 10 look at this number here all you have to do is just X you probably got a presentation what happened as long as you can keep these ratios guess what-what I'm suggesting here that you have to buy more leads that the suggestion to give you $22,500 Let It Go that is absolutely it is right now generally sells more premium for violence mats appointment but if we can do out of 15 and now you're in the position and you're getting but stay in this case 15 appointments if you ignore the percentage close-ratio we're just going to say and then you close out of those 15 appointments what say you do so in this case 700 7 is 49 call that 4500 from 15 to approximately call at 3:35 are are are potential to make these type of approaches happen in order to get these large premium. What I'm doing here is all you an Excel spreadsheet right like quite the reality of this business dealing with it so if we find ourselves in a position where they're doing work as a primary focus that it is a plausible opportunity possible. Imagine that you don't have to appointment setting more so that means you now have several days free during the week and the weekend some of the downsides to appointment setting is there never going to be as good as you that probably won't have the same ratio prequalify for effectively and to the point and then understand how to figure out if your prospect opportunity prequalification is it important when you have literally also walking the line of balancing out being appropriate being cheerful Kinect connected with Rapport being friendly and not being off-putting because you're overtime as I started to want to do more I realized also started for every 45 minutes oh my God you're going to be so behind three or four or five three four maybe are just easily disqualified within 10-15 min and that I know that those other six are highly likely to buy so I know that my numbers are working in my favor that I can close and I'm just actively trying to the right way and see ways to make this work really believing and in manifesting the prequels came strategy to do is make sure when you set appointments to do the cable man approached I'll be there at 8 in the morning so if you set appointments with a Time window i'll stick around and gives you a lot of 2 A Highway figure out a sales presentation that shortens the flight gets to the point marginal improvements i'm just showing you this because I believe good enough is enough 2223 25% closing ratio which is trying to get up to 30% is literally that is cute I didn't realize is that look at ways to the number so let's see your presentation for lead so so I'm just going to put out the increases over here 6:50 10% is good actually chicken stock closing and then let's say our number of appointments we set and set of 50% let's say it's 55 for now let's go ahead and do the math 600 * 15% premium close ratio out of town 510 ratio 6 ft 15% 650 forevershe size is 552 presentation close-ratio 60% that means out of every ten appointments we're booking we're closing 60% so 60% represents that 55% the 60% represents the numbers that actually close inside the presentation sex $3,643 thousand dollars a little bit higher closing a little bit better just by marginal Improvement find ways to improve your game maybe going up a few percentage points maybe figuring out how to go from closing oK Google looking at your overall nearest 3643 understanding that you whatever they are are making sure that you're good enough and most of you out there are good enough to hit take a chance on yourself business model like this wrapping your mind around accepting everything you can do it if you really have faith in yourself and you really wanted to do this but what you just the same way you do whatever you sell final turn on what you make after you pee and it really works that's why I use a scale of my business to be able to something that you can do to program for training for a circle

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