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How to Sell Life Insurance - AMAZING!

Is just focused primarily on the life policy description many times before to talk to my customers about going to go over today Help Me Close the hundred-thousand-dollar average Joe walking on the street change. The person that's paying the premium is $500 a month use for their own personal use set timer 8:34 make the best decision possible also has higher premium cases like I always so it's a good thing we're going to increase the life closing ratio that you have with this method customer about the lights by policy description talk to your customer about life insurance DES in the exact bring up the conversation opportunity talking about this we're talking about this when our customer is in front of us absolutely are not the customers what's going to happen is they're just going to say I want to hear some always generalizing that we're using here Bar for a 40-year-old male what is a female reason why I want to do that is because I don't want to make them understand I want to talk to you premium duration of $300 and a permanent would be $13 per year ancient every year going forward. What is your customer thinking all Hallows Eve what's the total cost that you pay over? $16,000 + $1,000 you already paid that money that's already said congratulations out of all three of these calls what you do you have to go through it moving forward at 60 years old client is taking into account inflation the fact is it's going to be much more expensive than that $1,700 / what you have to pay for the next 20 years $3,300 per year say that you don't pass away from how much did $34,000 we care about is the benefit to you personally what's the question again understanding exactly how the life insurance $6,000 because there is a cost $30,000 make sure that you have the ability to purchase controller stored away for a funeral in I want to show my customer right next door which which one would you prefer nASCAR drastically by the way I'm not in trouble at 8 bubba there was a time where this week that I showed someone else previously number to already right now and I just went down and then was able to show my customers realization of the Living God impossible on this first and highly recommend that you use with your client

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