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my Social Security- Creating Your Account

Hello I'm Sergio Gregorio with the Social Security Administration my Social Security account should have in my Social Security account social security statement earnings is very important because Social Security office change your address and phone number direct deposit information request a replacement Medicare card and instantly get a copy of your SSA 1099 for tax purposes have a Social Security number email address at Social Security protecting your personal information very seriously 2017. Next time you sign in with your username and password we will send a one-time security code email address you registered to complete your sign in your my Social Security account options available and it takes 5 minutes to set up an email account email address select sign in or create an account select create an account dispatch select the box that displays a first name middle initial and last name as shown on your Social Security card address and phone number to add an extra level of security by selecting yes let's start now you're prompted to select your preferred extra security verification option select next to proceed to secure your personal questions answer select next password email address letters or numbers characters at least one uppercase letter one lowercase letter a letter password in the future turn off security. It's necessary to change your registered email address send a text message to the cell phone number you provided to receive the security code by email security code answer within 10 minutes of receipt track hoe in the Box on the screen that says enter the security code graduations successfully created an account westside in to access your account and you enter the security code to your cell phone or change the way you receive the security code from the security settings in your account are cell phone providers text and data message rates may apply information about social security online services is it our website at 807-7212 803-2507 enhanced customer service when where and how you need it online on the phone

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